"If it had been built on Westheimer, it would not be out of place among the best of the best"
Phaedra Cook - My Table Magazine

About Us

What began strictly as an investment in 2005 unearthed our life’s passion. Through a series of seemingly random opportunities, we, both disenchanted corporate America ladder climbers — whose successful track record in business included running global operations for Fortune 500 companies but not professional cooking or restaurant management — found us as executive chef, sommeliers, managers and marketers of our Piqueo Restaurant in 2011.
When creating Piqueo, we wanted more for our restaurant than just great food and wine. We wanted an establishment with soul. What distinguishes us from other restaurants is our passion and totally focused energy undergirding every aspect of our operation.
To only know the restaurant as a fine eatery is somewhat inadequate. It is an extension of our lives. We invite every one to experience the restaurant like family. There are times of momentous celebration, times of sadness and worry, holidays abroad traveling and always there is eating and drinking wine together. Gathered around the table, sharing in one another’s lives, it is an authentic community of friends drawn together by the restaurant's hospitality: An open invitation to newcomers and frequent diners alike to join in the comfort and soul that is the Piqueo experience.

The Sarmiento's